3P Formula

EVERY PAGE on your website should call out your PERFECT PROSPECT, highlight their #1 PAIN POINT and PROMISE a solution.


3 Elements Every Page On Your Website Must Contain

EVERY PAGE on your website should call out your PERFECT PROSPECT, highlight their #1 PAIN POINT and PROMISE a solution. Do this and the leads will flow from your website


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Automated Follow Up

Every page on your website must call out your perfect prospect. This is your ideal client who you know without a shadow of a doubt that you can get a rock-solid result for, who is most profitable to your business and who are looking for your service. Stop talking about yourself and start talking to your Perfect Prospect to get more leads and sales.


Their #1 Pain Point

Once you call out your Perfect Prospect, you need to describe their #1 Pain Point. Imagine going to a website where it feels like they are speaking directly to you and have defined your problem better than you could. What would you do? You would investigate further to find out what their solution is.


Your Promise

Finally, once you’ve called out your Perfect Prospect and described their #1 Pain Point, you should move into describing your specific solution to their Pain Point. 

Nobody Likes A Show Off

The average website is a bit of a show-off, but nobody likes a show-off. It is all about me. Look at me. Look at how good I am. I am so wonderful. Look at MY products, MY services, MY awards, My team, Look at My brilliance. The problem is your average prospect doesn’t care about YOU, your business, or your services and products. There is only ONE thing they care about. “How can you HELP ME solve MY PROBLEM?” And that is what marketing is all about. Show your prospect how you can help them solve a specific pain point they have in their life, and they will become a client faster than a dog can shake its tail. Wyatt Woodsmall says it the best…

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