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WordPress - The Best Platform To Build Your Website On

WordPress is the most widely used, easiest to use and most extensible website platform on the planet


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Most Powerful Marketing Platform

WordPress is the most powerful marketing platform on the planet, and it is only getting better. Google loves WordPress.
If you launch a new website, Google will index it within weeks so your business can be found. WordPress has been highly optimized for the last 15 years to rank well in Google. WordPress is easy to use, so the learning curve for you and your staff is minimal.
Because WordPress is so widely used, you will always find people who can help you at an affordable cost.
WordPress has all the features required to build a Sales Driven Website.


50,000+ Plugins

WordPress is an open-source platform which means developers are always extending it from around the world. These feature extensions are called WordPress Plugins and usually cost around $30 – $100. Over the last few years, marketers have been building plugins which add very powerful marketing functionality to the platform. These plugins are cheap but pack a lot of power. Because of this, the #1 platform to build your Sales Driven Website on is WordPress. WordPress currently has 50,000+ plugins built by the developer community. So it doesn’t matter what feature you are looking for there is a plugin for that.


Don't Be Locked In

There are competing platforms to WordPress like SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly and Shopify. The reason we build Sales Driven Websites on these platforms is because:

  1. They have limited functionality, and all of them are missing functionality that limits a business from building a complete Sales Driven Website. WordPress has all the features required for a Sales Driven Website.
  2. Their feature sets don’t grow as quickly as WordPress because they have a limited amount of staff and resources. Because WordPress is open source, there are thousands of developers building plugins for it, so the platform is advancing much quicker
  3. Because they are private companies, you are locked into their platform. Therefore you can’t move your website from them without doing a lot of work or having to totally rebuild your website from scratch.
  4. None of these platforms has the market share of WordPress.

Be Careful To Choose The Right Platform To Build Your Website

The platform you choose to build your website on is critical. If you choose the wrong platform, it will limit you from building out a complete Sales Driven Website.
Once you invest in a platform, it is tough to move from that platform without spending more money or starting again.
WordPress is the ONLY platform we have found that allows you to build a Sales Driven Website perfectly.
You also own the platform and can move it wherever you wish — something you can’t do easily with competitors to WordPress.

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