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8 Sales-Driven Website Elements


3P Formula

Each page of your website should pinpoint your Ideal Client, highlight their primary pain point, and demonstrate how your company can mitigate it. If you do this, your website will help you build your business. If you get it incorrectly, your website is as useless  a white elephant. It may appear attractive, but it will serve no use.


Automated Follow Up

Once you’ve gotten your website visitors’ email addresses, you may send them a sequence of pre-written mails, each with an offer, to motivate them to buy from you.



Facebook has a customer base of over 2 billion individuals. Every visitor to your site should see a Facebook advertisement reminding them to schedule with your company. Not only is this  cheap, but also incredibly successful at bringing users back to your site.


Funnel Builder

To begin, we believe that your marketing funnel should be integrated into your website. It must not be hidden from your website’s visitors. Second, we set-up for you the best funnel-building technology available.


Conversion Optimized Design

The 95% of web designers are concerned with making a website attractive. However, a beautiful site isn’t what turns visitors into customers. You’ll need a website that’s optimized to compel visitors to call you or fill out a form. This is not the same as the type of website that a web designer will build for you. You’ll need a marketer to create your website.


Marketing Platform

Carefully select the platform to design your website. There is just one platform that offers all of the heavy-duty marketing features at the most affordable pricing. Make sure you don’t go with Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly. Use WordPress only.


Technical Support

It’s not enough to publish a website and then forget about it. You must review and optimize your website on a regular basis. Having a staff to help you design new offers, pages, and funnels at a reasonable cost is critical to make your online marketing tactics successful.


The Sales Driven Website Assets

Conversion Focused Content

Designed exclusively for carpet cleaning and completely customizable to your company

Conversion Optimized Website Design

Not only a pretty website, but a conversion-optimized website.

Lead Magnets

Capture email addresses from website visitors before they go and never come back.

Automated Follow Up Sequences

Convert your website browsers into paying clients through automated messages to nurture them into customers

Facebook + Google Retargeting

Show ads to your website visitors on Facebook

Landing Page Templates

Show ads to your website visitors on Facebook

Funnel Builder Website

Pages that are optimized for SEO. Search Google for the suburbs you serve.

Sales Funnel

Prewritten service content optimized for Google and conversions

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The  Sales Driven Website  Methodology

How to transform your website into a lean mean sales machine that attracts, captures, nurtures and convert cold prospects into high quality clients.

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