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Websites Should Be Built By Marketers NOT Designers

20% of the effectiveness of a website is the design. The other 80% is because of the marketing functionality included in the site


Find Out What 6 critical website elements your web designer won’t give you.


Why Designers Can't Build High Converting Websites

Designers build the majority of websites. They are skilled in making a website look great and convey the branding of the business. If you want to generate leads and sales from your website, you need a lot more than just a great design. Design is 20% of what it takes to build a Sales Driven Website. The other 80% is made of marketing features. A high converting website requires:

  1. Landing pages
  2. Conversion Optimized Design
  3. Marketing Funnels
  4. Sales Driven Copy
  5. Lead Magnets
  6. High Converting Capture forms

Today, to build a top converting website, you need to include all these features. Marketers specialize in all these features. So the perfect team to build your website is a marketer who understands the Sales Driven Website Methodology and employs a designer to complete the 20% design part of the project.


Design For Conversions

Many marketing funnels are hidden from website visitors. They are only exposed to people who are specifically sent to the funnel pages from a traffic source like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or the Google Search engine. We believe that your best funnels should be front and center on your website, so everyone who visits your site has an opportunity to opt-in.

There is a Science Behind Sales Driven Website Design

Website design is not just about pretty. Many websites are beautiful but don’t bring in any new leads or clients.
Conversely, many websites are ugly but are lean, mean sales machines. They generate millions of dollars of new leads for their businesses every year.
We believe website design is a critical path to building a Sales Driven Website, but there is a methodology that must be followed. Unfortunately, most designers don’t understand this methodology, so they build pretty websites that don’t make money.

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